1. Give generously to the Fauna Sanctuary. Donations will help build the Fauna Lifetime Care Fund. This is the best way to help Gloria and Richard ensure that the chimps will always be looked after. For details on how to donate, visit the Fauna Foundation (main website). For American donations, visit the Fauna Sanctuary, the US affiliate of theĀ Fauna Foundation.

2. Give generously to other chimpanzee sanctuaries in the United States. All of these places are home to remarkable apes with incredible stories:

Save the Chimps, Chimp Haven, The Center for Great Apes, Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest, Chimps Inc., Primate Rescue Center, Chimpanzee and Human Communication Institute.

3. If you live in the USA, write your congressmen/women and your senators, urging them to support The Great Ape Protection and Cost Savings Act (the latest version of the Great Ape Protection Act). For details and other up-to-date information on GAPCSA, visit Project R&R, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine or the Humane Society of the United States and take action!

4. Tell your friends and family about this book. A portion of all author royalties will be donated to the Fauna Lifetime Care Fund.











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