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Debby and the Incredible Escape

I was only in Africa for a week, but my journals are overflowing with incredible stories, stories I couldn’t have made up if I’d tried. Take Debby Cox, who has worked for JGI for seventeen years and who is now … More

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To Hold a Chimpanzee, Part Deux

When I posted this photo of Lemba and me on my facebook profile two days ago, the response was overwhelmingly positive. My hug with Lemba even made the news back in Canada (thanks, Quillblog!). But since then, I’ve heard from … More

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Leki and Mkazi take us to school

Five years ago, the Jane Goodall Institute helped build a school in Boiti, a village that lies just outside the Tchimpounga Reserve. Before the school was built, the children of Boiti had to walk for hours both ways just to … More

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A new home for the Tchimps

OK, because I can’t resist, here’s Lemba learning to paint: Tchimpounga Sanctuary is set atop a modest hilltop at the southern tip of the Tchimpounga Nature Reserve, which encompasses 525 square kilometres of marsh, savannah and emerging rainforest. While this … More

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To Hold a Chimpanzee

Yesterday, after a luxurious 12-hour stop-over in Paris, I arrived in the Republic of Congo. Stepping off the plane, I was greeted by that familiar scent of the tropics, a sour mélange of wood-smoke, peat-smoke and gasoline that never fails … More

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