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The Call of the Wild

This article originally appeared in the Globe and Mail on August 3, 2013 in a special Focus section on pets. When I tell you that my pet Max is stubborn and hilarious, you’ll probably assume I’m talking about a cat … More

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Two famed sign-language chimps headed to Fauna!

I’ve been speaking about The Chimps to book clubs, library groups, literary types and animal lovers for more than two years now, and every time I do someone asks: “Can Gloria accept any more chimpanzees into her sanctuary?” My answer … More

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Does Darwin the IKEA monkey need a human mother?

The Toronto real estate lawyer who spent the majority of the last six months eating, sleeping and showering with an infant monkey named Darwin has put forth a deceptively shrewd idea. Yasmin Nakhuda’s comments came two days after Darwin escaped … More

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The Chimps wins the Charles Taylor Prize!

It is my distinct honour to announce that The Chimps of Fauna Sanctuary has won the 2012 Charles Taylor Prize for Literary Non-Fiction. The Taylor Prize is our country’s most prestigious non-fiction book prize, and although the ceremony was three days … More

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The Chimps chosen for three ‘Best Of 2011′ Lists

It’s the end of November, which for a recently published author means only one thing: scouring the numerous ‘Book of the Year’ lists in the hopes your book has made the cut. As luck would have it, The Chimps has … More

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